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Frequently asked questions

How does self-storage work?
We provide you with your own private space, so you keep control and are responsible for your own goods. You lock your own storage unit, you keep the key and only you have the ability to access your space. You access your unit as often as required during the access hours (or by prior arrangement) and move your possessions in and out when it suits.
Why you should store with Lock-Tite Storage Center?
Peace of Mind – We're Marysville’s most secure internally located facility with an A1 security rating. Alarmed units are available. CCTV. 24/7 monitoring. Fully Fenced Compound. Resident Manager. Only you have the key.
What about self-storage for my business?
LockTite Storage Cenetr is the perfect partner for the changing business environment of today. When businesses grow, relocate, downsize, expand, or restructure their operations, they can find themselves restricted by lack of appropriate space to suit their needs. We help businesses to be flexible and maintain that competitive edge In most circumstances, LockTite Storage Center is more cost-effective than using existing space or leasing additional space for storage or expansion purposes. The amount of space can be increased or decreased as required. We provide businesses with convenient easy access, with no appointment necessary, for short or long-term storage. Business of all types and sizes can benefit from self storage. Storing with us means that you have more valuable office space for staff.
When can I get access?
You can gain access to your storage unit from 6:00am to 8:00pm (Sharp) 7 days a week, except for Statutory holidays, the office and compound is closed.
Each customer has a code number which you use to open our security gate. Simply drive in and use your padlock key to open your unit. Quality padlocks are available for sale in our office.
What about security?
Firstly, the complex is totally enclosed and our computer logs every exit and entry by key number. This means we can always track the comings and goings of every individual who accesses LockTite Storage Center. There are also strategically located surveillance cameras recording all activities. The complex manager lives in a residence on the property. He regularly patrols the grounds and checks all locks to ensure they are secure.
What about pests?
Each building contains a special pest bait and it is very important that no FOOD of any sort is stored in the Unit. This is for your safety and the safety others.
How can I pay?
At this time, we accept check and cash payments. A first time administration fee is paid when moving in. Your account should be paid a full month in advance at all times. If the account is in arrears, late charges will apply. No notice is required before moving out but a courtesy call is appreciated when moving out.
Can you arrange insurance?
It is important to remember that goods are stored at your risk. If your personal or commercial insurance policy does not cover the costs of goods in storage, we can arrange insurance for you. Ask for a quote. You'll find our rates VERY competitive.
What size do I need?
We have many different sizes so you only need to pay for the space you require. And no wasted space is no wasted money! Our friendly, professional staff will help you to choose the size to best suit your needs.